Sunday, September 26, 2010


Due to my close to none income, I still manage to save money for my baby. Whatever donations I get I put a percentage away. I also recycle, yes I collect bottles. It was the most consistent way I was able to save money before I got the gigs I'm working on now. I mainly collect water bottles because they take less time to clean and are not as sticky as soda cans. I get teased about it often, but it doesn’t bother me, I look real fancy every time I cash them in : ) I know its slow and easy change but, it adds up. I never use it or borrow from it, its all my baby's no matter how in need I’m in I will not use it. I get about $3 to $6 a week. I'm not too sure for what I’m saving it for, but I always get suggestions. Some suggest I use it for clothes shopping, a stroller and etc. I don't ask for any suggestions, but hey that’s what human beings do naturally. At the end of the day I need to find away to make money to take care of my wants and need, transportation, continue saving money for the baby and saving money for after labor. If I put away a good amount I will not have to worry about rushing off to work and not being able to spend time and bond with my baby.


Danielle said...

Hey i know it must be a struggle for you im hoping your not a lone you should have your friends who will stick by you till the end. Your baby and your life is more important hang in there

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