Friday, September 24, 2010


I'm kinda young. Still on the path of finding what path I should be on, however, I'm gonna be a mommy : ) and that’s one of my definite paths I must walk. I don’t believe there are "perfect moms" simply because there’s no perfect person. I do believe, there are great moms. And that is the role I'm planning to exceed. Currently, my career is not as solid as it should be, my income is shady. During my first few months of pregnancy I was employed with an appliance company as part time clerical worker, working full time hours. When I realized the responsibility I was being blessed with, I then requested full time status and full time benefits. Everything seemed to go down from there. Shortly after getting word that I was a full time employee, I was fired due to the fact I didn't smile enough! Lol as you see in my avatar I have a very pretty smile :) can't have too much of a good thing you know. I thought to myself what do I do from here? I barely had money while I was working, now I have no money coming in. This day cannot not get worse. I checked the mail once I got home to see if they set my insurance packet I was waiting for weekz and weekz, I guess I just wanted to put myself even further down, but to my surprise there was an acceptance letter from John Jay College graduates programs so I was happy about that. When one door closes another opens. But the next morning I woke up over the whole thing, there was that unholy insurance packet with the company's name displayed in bold red : (I was so pisssed off. “How Rude" Moving along, I then had no choice but to file for unemployment, which I received no benefits. Eve after claiming benefits every week and receiving my card to have access to my benefits. I also applied for public assistance and food stamps didn’t get that either. I don’t know where YOU live but its not free money anymore they make you work for it. I reported to a back to work program Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and that’s before they reviewed or approved my case. Now they have placed me with a job cleaning city parks for $8 hr parks. Did I mention I'm five months Prego and in school studying for my master's. What are they thinking?! I know, I was thinking the same. At this time I've only been unemployed for 2 weeks and there are people in the program including men who haven't worked in 6 to 10 years. Through all these things I try really hard to stay positive and keep my mind on things I really want for myself. I try hard to get the best and so far, I don't smile enough, haven't found a perfect way for my degree to work for me, working hard to obtain Medicaid benefits that I'm entitled too, and not getting them, looking for a job, and trying to maintain my sexy on zero income. But I'm surviving the times. : )


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