Saturday, October 2, 2010


Applying for government assistance is the most annoying thing you could image, especially in a large city like Queens. The line to get in the building alone seemed as if, Michael Jackson resurrected and was giving a free concert for his return. The line was down the block and turned the corner and continued down further. Imagine standing on line being baked by the sun, surrounded by all sorts of people: miserable, content, sick, those beating the system, those being beat by the system, all sharing their experiences and stories about the system we were all waiting to apply or comply to. The worse part is being surrounded by a cloud of cigarettes, throat feels like it is being striped apart. Once you get in the building your being welcomed by the most unwelcoming people, who act as if they cannot loose their job and be in the same situation, just to sit there for hours and hours on end scared to eat, scared to pee just incase you miss your number being called. All kinds of people come in through there, well dressed looking like they walked out of a magazine, Prada shoes, Gucci etc and some look like they crawled out the garbage, all and all we are all there gathered waiting to see what we can get from what we should be entitled to, especially me I’ve been working since I was 12 years old and was fired July 2010, (of course not the same job)  its not like I’m lazy and been unemployed for 10 years for no reason. Regardless of my efforts, I sat a HRA ~ Hell Right Around …..the corner.


Anonymous said...

That must be hard to deal with? Seems like you work hard with no rewards. Where is the father is he helping you? Do you think the stress will have an effect on how you will treat your child? Stress can make you take your problems out on those you love the most or that are closest to you. What is your plan?

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