Wednesday, December 28, 2011


                                                    WHAT A HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 26, 2011


 QUESTION?! Am I the only one that hates when people shorten the word Christmas? That is so lazy and I hate it, it sounds and looks horribe! When you say Christmas it sounds so magical and pretty. Ever hear some one say Happy Xgiving ? No, becuase its stupid. 

Yesterday was a good day, and very important to spend with family and appreciate what the Lord  Jesus Christ has given us and thank him on his bornday. That's what Nevaeh and I did. So I must say that Christmas was goood! My little angel got a lot of stuff! or as my homegirl Corrine would say "rack up like a fat cat". (she always has a saying). The begining of the day Nevaeh and I went to church. She had on her pretty red dresss with white fluffiness around the collar. Very cute, she is the sweetest thing. We got home from church around dinner time, I really wanted to open gifts, this being Nevaeh's first Christmas ever! it was extra special! but I had to get diner started at least.

I took some  pics of her but for some reason every picture would be so blurry. My mom took pics too all her pictures are blurry and he has a good camera. I'm assuming that the Chirstmas tree lights were messing up the photos. I was really hurt I needed good pics to look back on. I'm hoping my mom got some or can fix them up I need to work on Nevaeh's scrapbook

Once we got a few pictures and some video recordings, Nevaeh and I headed over to her grandmother's house and had some dinner and opened more of her gifts. She got a lot of clothes, They were great gifts and I'm still putting stufff up.

I'm hoping to get some good pictures back and I will post them, remember to keep the Christ in Christmas because after all it is his birthday. Check out my Tumblr. I will be posting pictures tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


   My older cousin that lives in North Carolina just brought herself a new car! Her father, which is my Uncle Melti woke me up this morning with the news. Of course my intial feelings were that I was happy for my cousin, but I just didn't understand why this conversation couldn't take place, you know, after I ate breakfast lol.

    Beside the fact that my uncle is good for convos about just anything, I didn't get the real good news until maybe 290 mins later. He was expressing his feelings on the gas prices, Christmas is right around the corner, how big Nevaeh is getting and how I also would be getting some wheels of my own!! The only catch was getting the car from NC to NY and no one was up for the ride. Thank God, I remembered my friend Ishmel telling me about this service for car shipping. I cannot wait to get the process going and get out on the road in my new new car. I can't believe it's only a click away!

         Isn't she a beauty! I always wanted a Jaguar! I can see Nevaeh and I now, on the open road!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


 I KNOW, I KNOW, ITS BEEN A LOONG TIME! I should've of left you : ( its been a busy time, with school, and job search, and spending time with my favorite girl. Just in case its been that long and you forgot who my girl is I'm talking about Nevaeh!!! My angel! lol. Oh man I WILL TRY MY BEST not to have such a long delay and to take more pictures. But we have been caught up. We really missed you! 

            So for the UPDATES, I've been counting down the days left for this semester, only to be torn about finishing up my last semester, next semester! this semester took a lot out of me, just worrying about a sitter to say the least, but next semester I can have all my classes on Monday, instead of four days a week! However, I need to work! I had an interview recently thanks to my cousin Natassia and I really wanted it, so I can afford nice things and to move into a new apt, we can also become close again if I did, then on another note, I would be away from my girl for 12 hours+ for 5 days a week. I honestly believe it would leave me depressed after a few weeks of not being with my baby. We may all need a break sometimes, but that's too long of a break with no breaks of the break lol. So lets just say, I wont be too hurt, if I don't get a call back. But! I was grateful for the interview experience. I also got a free meal from Sbarro's Pizza that day. I was happy about that. : ) But the idea of working at a real job in the city was exciting.

            Speaking of my cousin Natassia, Nevaeh and I took a trip over to New Jersey to stay at her new apt! Her niece Shanea came a long and we all had a good time especially at the mall. We shopped to we dropped or until my account balance dropped lol. It was a good time, the girls had a ball together. It was nice to see them play, when Nevaeh gets older I won't have to worry about her getting hurt, and I can have some play time myself. But anywho I enjoyed watching them play. Natassia cooked for us, it was good we had zitti the first night and BBQ chicken before we went home, what treatment huh?! lol.  

They played hard, my little angel knocked out good, and didn't wake up during the night! I was very surprised!I couldn't get a wink of sleep I swear there was a pea under the pillow I was sleeping on lol. : )

These two have a bunch of energy so together what a ride! They had fun thats all that matters, the love is soo adorable isn't it?! They are naturals, when it comes to modeling tho! just pull the camera out, you will have no problem getting a smile. Nevaeh only 10 months old she always amazing me! she loves the camera and it loves her, well just look at her lol.


 In The month of November my family and I took a road trip to VA to visit my sister, her daughter was having her 2nd bornday party! So we call piled into the church van lol and took that 10hr ride to VA for a day, because soon after the party we hopped right back in the van to head back home! What an adventure. I took a few cat naps on the way there, but I kept a listen out for my girl. It was her first time on the road for a road trip and I was kinda nervous but not so much. I just wanted her to be comfortable, and she was. She slept most of there way there and back! she may have woken up for 10 mins each way. I woke her up to eat but! she didn't need to open her eyes to do that lol, she's a mess. Soon as we stopped the car, she opens her eyes. When we got there I really wanted to nap, but she was wide a wake so, there was no nap for me. My sister was soooo surprised to see us, there especially all of us, it was My Mom, her Dad, older sister, her 4 kids, Me and Nevaeh! she knew me and Nevaeh were coming, but everyone else crashed the party lol. SURPRISE! she was so shocked! LOL