Monday, December 26, 2011


 QUESTION?! Am I the only one that hates when people shorten the word Christmas? That is so lazy and I hate it, it sounds and looks horribe! When you say Christmas it sounds so magical and pretty. Ever hear some one say Happy Xgiving ? No, becuase its stupid. 

Yesterday was a good day, and very important to spend with family and appreciate what the Lord  Jesus Christ has given us and thank him on his bornday. That's what Nevaeh and I did. So I must say that Christmas was goood! My little angel got a lot of stuff! or as my homegirl Corrine would say "rack up like a fat cat". (she always has a saying). The begining of the day Nevaeh and I went to church. She had on her pretty red dresss with white fluffiness around the collar. Very cute, she is the sweetest thing. We got home from church around dinner time, I really wanted to open gifts, this being Nevaeh's first Christmas ever! it was extra special! but I had to get diner started at least.

I took some  pics of her but for some reason every picture would be so blurry. My mom took pics too all her pictures are blurry and he has a good camera. I'm assuming that the Chirstmas tree lights were messing up the photos. I was really hurt I needed good pics to look back on. I'm hoping my mom got some or can fix them up I need to work on Nevaeh's scrapbook

Once we got a few pictures and some video recordings, Nevaeh and I headed over to her grandmother's house and had some dinner and opened more of her gifts. She got a lot of clothes, They were great gifts and I'm still putting stufff up.

I'm hoping to get some good pictures back and I will post them, remember to keep the Christ in Christmas because after all it is his birthday. Check out my Tumblr. I will be posting pictures tomorrow.



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