Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Once one tooth sprouts out, the rest will follow. My big girl is now working on her 5th tooth! And I'm so amazed By it. She still hasn't gotten have fever thanx Go however, it does bother the heck out of her, she gets into her fits and wants to bite anything insight. She is a real champ tho, she has a way of telling me when she needs her Orajel. Shell start fussing and putting her hand in her mouth and start pulling on the few teeth she already has lol, its soo funny but not funny at the same time. Sometimes she'll not feel all that well and want me to stay with her and not to leave her side at all, thats when I give her, her Orajel and pull her teething ring from out the freezer, it soothes her and she is sooo happy.   

I really like the baby orajel teething swabs becuase it easy and the Orajel exits right through the Q-tip, once you break te top qtip with the pink stripes the pink orajel will flow straight to the end of the Qtip. The ones that come in the tube you can use and Qtip as well or your finger, so the swabs are much cooler because its less germs and Qtips are already included.

My mother thought it would be funny to get Nevaeh's first Dora the Explorer item, she got her a toothbrush, and she loves it and will not let me take it from her so I guess that's what she will be using. Speaking of Dora, I got my girl the "Your Baby Can Speak Spanish" DVD set with the flash cards. We will be speaking Spanish in no time at all.  My little girl is growing up so fast, she has teeth, an attitude, she knows what she wants, what she doesn't want, it's jjust amazing and it takes my breath away everyday.



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