Sunday, May 13, 2012


My day was great. I did everything I wanted. Organized my everything, I'm kinda still in the process of it but it was a big job and I'm almost done. Redecorating my room and I made exactly what I wanted to eat.
I got all these cool organizers and plastic totes and I'm storing all my winter stuff away today and winter shoes. I'm organizing my jewelry supplies and tools, washing and folding clothes. It's sad I get happy when things are clean and organized, my mind feels like its getting organized as well. I am so busy and when everything is everywhere so is my mind 😖 But I'm ending all that today.
Due to the new found space in my room I'm setting up some of the decorative wall mirror stickers and pictures just having a ball with it all. I love decorating a room.
For lunch I made, Crab Legs seasoned the with butter red wine and black pepper sea salt on the side with Tune Salad made with shrimp,and crab and lobster meat. It was so good I passed out for about two hours.
When I woke up I took the shower of my life with all these great products I got from Bed Bath & Beyond and Mary Kay. Face scrub, body scrubs, coco butter oil, I do this routine everyday, it's work but it feels so good once your all done. After my 2 hour shower, I hopped in the car and went to Legal Seafood it was delicious. I had crab cakes, shrimp and salmon.
Now with my skin dancing and belly full there is nothing but smiles on my face. I loved the day with my lady love bugs Nevaeh she's the best. I'm so proud to be her mom she gets smarter and more mature everyday. She loves me so much it's the best. #happymothersday to you all I hoped you enjoyed the day as much as I did.😘
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