Tuesday, May 22, 2012


To all my single mothers out there! Single mothers can be married women too. If your doing 90% of raising the kids guess what your a single mother. Sorry to burst your bubble but! Anywho we woman must love and take care of ourselves first! If you don't you will be unhappy and raise your children to be unhappy adults as well, and I know none of us want that.
So get to know and love yourself know your weakness and your strength. Acknowledge when you need help and ask for it, know when you need a break or time to yourself and take it! If you don't you may end up taking out all your frustrations on your beautiful blessings from Jesus 🙏 your babies!! (for those that it went over your head).
Most of us mothers are short order cooks, tutors, maids, business women, bakers, and if you have a man in your like bedroom entertainers and all these hats you wear maybe worn all in one day. So please believe you deserve some praise and if the people around you are too busy to give you around of applause don't wait for them to, pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work.

Give yourself a facial , if you can't afford to always go to the spa, disk your feet give yourself a pedi or just take a nice long bath, leave your kids with someone with sense so you can relax and not worry about them. WHATEVER YOU DO JUST DO YOU!!!

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Unknown said...

I have to thank you for being so insightful and forward-thinking..You are a good writer with a lot of talent(fashion apparel)

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