Saturday, July 21, 2012


Daughters are usually Daddy's little girls, but my Nevaeh is straight up Mommy's girl!! She adores me and its so freeing to be loved like that! She's just like me, a little me!! I feel like I can start over and redo any mistakes I have done. She’s her own person at the same time, so much better than me, so I guess she’s me deluxe version lol. She deserves the best! I know I haven’t made my marital status clear, but I'm a single parent and sometimes it gets hard. Most of the time everything I need to do to take care of her comes natural, as far as the extras that is where it gets hard.

 I want to get Nevaeh into programs so she can play with other kids her age, she loves that. I also want her to keep up with her interest, she loves the pool, I can’t swim lol so I want her to have swimming lessons, get her enrolled in the Little Gym that’s near me, take her to events or the bubble show that’s taking place in NYC however, Mommy's budget has decreased since my sales in my company has also. So now I’m looking for work I’m also afraid to lose more time that I spend with her, and I would hate to give half or my whole check away for babysitting fees :( but I have to do something she is getting bigger every day and she needs to see and do new things.

So that’s the foundation of my slight depression. I have been working on things I can control tho, Like my diet watching what I eat and I'm in the gym everyday if not I'm doing my workouts at home taking jogs around my sidewalk-less neighborhood lol. So far I lost tens pounds and I’m truly happy about it! What really made me want to commit to this change was the fact that I wasn't happy and I decided to change all things that didn’t make me happy that I had control over, to make myself happy! Eating better and working out is one. I also want Nevaeh to know that being in shape is a part of live and my best bet is being the example : ) I'm working on dropping another ten pounds before the end of this month lol. Mmmmm  maybe by the early middle of next month lol.

Speaking of daughters, there’s  a song call "Daughters" by Nas its a hip hop song that I just love! He speaks about his relationship and experience with his daughter Destiny and I really think father's around the world could relate to this song, and others it may wake something up inside of them to become better fathers to their daughters. I would like to start a little giveaway: All fathers who have daughters (everyone should  ) take a listen to the song and leave  a comment under this post about how you feel about it! Let me know if you relate or share your knowledge and your own experiences with your daughter(s) that’s truly remarkable to you. You will automatically be entered to win this great book by: WonderDads “ ABC’S  For Dads & Daughters” !!! A necklace set for your Lil Gem and a copy of Nas newest album “Life is Good” !!!!
Link to "Daughters" Youtube Video


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