Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey there! what hobbies are you practicing to get you by day to day? As a single mother its kind of hard for me to get anything done let alone practice a hobby. But! I try anyway. After serving my lovely daughter and taking care of my grandmother, house chores and daily stressors I Just want to have at least five minutes to myself. Most days I spend hours trying to get time to myself or spend hours trying to take a twenty minute nap. A year of the same routine I figure something has to change as Nevaeh gets older I realize the less time I have to myself, maybe when she is three and older she will become more dependent and this is where I'm torn. I love spending time with my baby but I feel since I'm doing it mostly on my own with an occasional assistance (which seems like no assistance because she is allowed to make a mess and dishes are everywhere when I get back) there leaves no time for me to spend with other things I love like designing jewelry writing poems and stories and reading and listening to my favorite artist. Since I'm running around taking care of responsibilities most of the day and  unpaid ones like washing dishes and clothes cooking and cleaning then going out and earning a living, I have to squeeze in time to spend with my little one. Instead of  us playing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" or getting the sillies out dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba I must not only take on her absent parent's responsibilities as well as my own but make time to reach out to her other side of the family to keep that bond going. I feel its too much work and not too beneficial for me. Unfortunately as a single mom in order to progress you must get over the guilt of becoming selfish. Do whats best for you and your baby. Whats immediately best! You must nurture yourself as well as your child.

Due to the cost of Daycare and babysitters its hard for me to go out and get what I need done. I feel as if I'm stuck in the twilight zone and doing the same things over and over. I work for myself I have a jewelry line you can check out my website http://www.nevaehgemsandstones.com and if business is slow or my time permits I substitute teach. I love this opportunity because I'm not obligated to an amount of hours to work and I work when I want, the challenge is working as much as I need.

I decided in order to take complete control over my life and situations I must because more organized and less selfless, I tend to care for others more than myself and as I look around it hasn't benefit me much. So instead of making everyone else happy I'm starting with me. Today I organized and cleaned my space, refolded the clothes in the draw washed clothes and created a schedule for me and my baby that I will not allow to be interrupted. I made time for me, my baby of coarse and my business including my hobbies! For the most part my hobbies are my businesses and if your truly blessed you can earn a living with your hobbies that is if you have any. I never understood people who didn't have at least one hobby but those who do I believe she benefit from them.

Having a hobby you enjoy is important! Doing things you love is important! Being the best mom or dad you can be is important! Taking care of all your responsibilities is important,  Feeling good about yourself and what you do is IMPORTANT! Hobbies or No hobbies having something productive to get you by day to day is a must! feeling good and happy is a Must! Taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself is a Must! A Pacifier to soothe the baby and Lip Gloss to soothe Mommy or whatever soothes you is your sooth.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hello there๐Ÿ‘‹ it's been a long time! We have some catching up to do! YESSS I'm so excited to post again, I have been really busy. Anywho as I told you before Nevaeh knows how to read and it's confirmed that she does! I'm so amazed by her everyday because there's always something new. She was looking at her birthday pictures and took her finger and pointed at each word then spoke them out loud without being asked. I'm telling you she's a genius and I think all babies are its just up to us parents to nurture and feed their brains with the best, the younger the better. I would always only allow her to watch DVD likes "Your Baby Can Read" and fun learning stuff like that before she even knew what Nick jr or Disney was. So the educational DVDs are her favorite......WELL I'm not sure cus she loves Yo Gabba Gabba but she will still light up even I put ABC songs or Phonic based movies. Yea, make sure you stock up on educational based entertainment for your little one! They love to learn!

Now lets get to Nevaeh's Birthday Party Bash! It was a ball! She had a blast! She sang and danced until she fell asleep. We went with the Yo Gabba Gabba theme and with help from my Fam with blinged the place out. It was Yo Gabba Gabba Land.com I ordered a cake from a lady I know in Queens. I got most of my decorations online. It was a great turn out. I'm super excited about planning her next one! I have done pictures to share.

I was so proud about home things turned out! I got real creative! I also made... (Clears throat) and designed her outfit for that very special time. I designed a long sleeve shirt with Foofa and my daughters name "NEVAEH" on the front of the shirt, on the back there was a matching number two with six flowers surrounding it.

And there are more pics to come! I'm still waiting on sins pictures to be sent to me because, I was too busy to take pics. I had a blast myself.

Nevaeh is two now and it's such a happy sad moment I feel like my baby is growing super fast! But I wouldn't trade her for nothing. She's the best thing ever.

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