Friday, June 7, 2013


Do you think throwing a party for your baby is a waste of time and money? Do you think having a Costco cake and a gallon of milk will satisfy the heart of you and your child? Will throwing a huge party with decorations and characters as entertainment spoil your child?
I have no factual answer for that. But as for me and my house we will party out loud! I love throwing parties and hosting events. I love live music and I like to be surrounded by art and creating a moment is up lifting.....For me.
Does it make the baby a better person because they have a huge party every year? Will they be more popular in school? Will having great party bags make you completely broke? Will your child be Unsatisfied for dances at school, or even prom night ?
Who knows! That all depends on the parent and their child. As for me. I'm a party planner, I'm crafty and creative. I love to show my daughter new things and I love to spoil her. Her first two parties were pretty cute great party favors and decorations. Food was good and the music too. Rather than enjoy it, I had a few people come up to me to tell me how much money I could have saved. That she will never remember this day, that the party is for me. If these people are right or not. I did what I wanted with little or no cost to them. My baby's birthday is my official Mother's Day and I will spend it how I please. For her third birthday I think I will cut the invites down mighty small and do something way big and fun. Like a party bus to a bounce house or something. Min 25 people. Maybe even 10 people and I just won't invite those who think its a waste. I will invite those who know your kids turn this age once and this moment comes once a year and those who enjoy parties and cake and give great gifts will come and have a blast with Us! And our fancy party bags! Lol.
There's nothing wrong with a Chuck E Cheese party and there's definitely nothing wrong with a Custom Made Party Bash.
Come party with us NEVAEHGEMSANDSTONES.COM click tab " Lil Gems and then Party tap for Party Packages. Soon Character Mascots packages to come!

I'm even thinking about having a Halloween party! That will really get some panties in a bunch. LOL

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