Thursday, April 3, 2014


Whether your a single parent by choice or chance, there's levels to this! Single parents are like super heroes, the hail you and they will nail you, so always make sure you DO you and love self first.

Have a positive outlook on life - This step applies to anyone in any situation. As a single parent you will encounter many challenges, struggles, and joys. Facing and going through these experiences might change your outlook on life, either in a positive or a negative way. Keeping a positive attitude is key in becoming a successful single parent.

Be patient - patience is the number one rule when it comes to kids. Don’t worry about the little things like dirty hands or dishes; you will get to them. You want to be able to spend all the time you can with your child/ren playing, teaching and learning in a positive setting.

These steps I have taken and continue to take as a single parent. Single on financial matters and all responsibility of the child. So working is a must and time is more than money. I have so many other responsibilities and I feel guilty for the time it takes.

I will update you on my story, I hope you share yours in the comment box below.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Being a working single mother it is very important to balance your life with work and play. It's a must that you create cash flow and stay above bills so work in definitely about of the equation. Now play, it can be so many things, a hobby, social events, basically things you enjoy before becoming a parent. These things make you happy you have to fit them in so you don't lose yourself. Work on a scrapbook, write a play, get dancing lessons. Just do something that makes you feel good too.

Our children watch us and the environment we place them in will influence their growth. As I always say happy moms make happy babies. Be happy !!!!

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