Thursday, November 25, 2010


Just when I thought things were getting better : / my friend Tania hits me with a text asking for my "baby’s daddy’s" number. I was confused what for? Figured out it has to be about the baby shower so I texted my cousin Nicole to confirm and she did. Weeks of drama for me. Tania was talking a good game as if she just needed a little of help from my mom, Nicole and the father of my child, but if they didn’t help she would be fine she has it all figured out. She started calling the very few friends and family I did have and more drama began. I didn’t tell too many people about my pregnancy, how do you just spread the news? I don’t now but my talkative cousin Shennel had a clue and told Tania all about the wrong moves she feels I had from beginning to end, from the father to how I failed to broadcast the news to the family. It’s funny to me because my family is as close as oil is to water. So her whole dramarific story she told about me to Tania who she never met during their first phone call conversation really blew my mind and left me wanting to put hands on her. Shennel disapproved on every idea Tania had and didn’t suggest a damn thing. I ended it all saying do two separate showers…its was a go…at the time.


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