Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I love Skinny jeans! They feel so good on your skin, showing off your shape and/or little booty. It perfectly outlines your whole pretty picture, plus you can wear it with anything. Dress it up with a fancy blouse and some sexy shoes/boots or be edgy with a vintage graphic T-Shirt and some funky sneakers however or whenever you wear your skinny jeans, you wearing those skinny jeans girl!.......unless they are wearing you! That's what you don't want and that's why I haven't wore any since my baby shower. I found some maternity ones that were hot from Target, but still not the same.  

I went shopping with my mother today for a wedding we are going to this week. I got a nice black dress and some nice comfortable shoes with pearls and rhinestones on them to match the rhinestones on the shoulders of the dress. I was sad I needed a size 16 but it was wwaaaaaay better than needing a size 20 like I needed last time we went shopping. I have been slimming down a little and it feels good however, I only get to hear praises for my results from people I haven't seen in a while. So those I see everyday are still adding comments to the ones I already make about myself, sooooo much pressure. Anywhoooo while shopping today my mom picked up a few things for my sister at some stores I use to shop in. It felt good to be in the stores I wasn't sad like I was a month ago, today I was excited to see what they had because I know I will be back getting stuff for myself in no time. I felt right at home. Rather than feeling like, show me the way to Lane Bryant lol.

Once I got home I was planning on walking off some Cold Stone I couldn't help but eat while I was shopping, before I got ready to leave my sister walks in. She, my friend Corrine and I had a convo for a bit I was feeling kinda hot so I asked....Is it hot in here? Corrine said Yes! my sister said , "well I'm not hot, it could be because I'm a lot smaller" so I say "am I fucking obese?" she says "well when I was big I was always hot, I had to keep my coat open in the winter." and Corrine is pregnant and you are pretty big. I was left confused I forgot if I asked am I a fat sweaty hog that is so big I cant tell if I'm honestly hot or not or if I just asked a simple yes or no question...."is it hot in here?" 

My mind went back to the time I was in the mall hours ago looking for her size 11 skinny jeans thinking to myself how I cannot wait til I'm back here picking out jeans for me. The store goes to size 15 however, I will not be outlining this work of art! So I am now challenging myself and speeding up my weight loss! CHALLENGE I will be in a size 11- 12 skinny jeans by October 25th  two months from today. I will keep you posted on my progress and what I will be eating and my plans on how to sweat it off. I just came back from walking several laps up and down the hill near my house. So I'm on a roll to get rid of these rolls lol. I miss shopping I miss decorating my body with new clothes I just love and love how I look in them. Fashion is a way of expression and I've been needing to express myself for waaaaaay to long now. So look out skinny Jeans here I come!

Baby & me weight here you go!


Feel What's Real said...

i love jeans with colours!

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