Thursday, September 15, 2011


Losing any weight?....... Not as much as I would like. I've been pretty busy taking care of  what I need to take care of but no time to take care of myself. By the time I done with my Grandma, Nevaeh, cooking, cleaning, trying to steal a nap lol I'm pooped and I will find any excuse available not to do my laps, like "oh I'm too tired" or "its raining" lol. I'm losing my focus, and eating once or twice a day, garbage at that! doesn't help however, when I do eat I try to eat the best I can. Starting this week coming, well tomorrow I will be working out at least a half hour a day. My favorite season is here and I would just love to love the way I look in my skinny jeans, hoodies and boots! OOOOOoooo I can just see me now. The good news is I lost 5 pounds! WOOT WOOT! ::Raise The Roof::  & that may have been a result of my previous weeks workout lol.

I have purchased some snacks to ease the pain of dieting from my local health food store called "A Matter of Health" I love that store its costly however, its worth it! If I stuck to my workout I may have been looking like Halle Berry right now lol. I always pick up my water, Savi Seed, PGX fiber and whatever else I need. I just love that store! The water is like the best medicine ever! It corrected my digestive system and more. The Savi Seeds help decrease your hunger and the OMEGA3 is a great plus! It's the perfect snack especially if you like nuts, its not a nut only kinda taste like one. The chocolate covered Savi Seeds are the best to me. The PGX fiber is great to also help your digestive system and it has a bunch of other benefits too. I have the powder one and I just brought oatmeal to mix it with in the morning. The powder can get a little clumpy especially if you don't consume it fast. I seen it on Dr. Oz gotta love him too!
  One bad bad thing I'm doing and plan on having tonight is, I've been making burritos. They are soooo good rice beans cheese, lettuce and...very bad...SOUR CREAM! very bad and very good! I'm enjoying the heck out of them! And its all my friends fault! she is pregnant and thats one of her very few cravings so I make it for her annnnd me lol. I have everyone in the house wanting one, except my younger sister, she is on a sugar free diet! she needs nothing I mean NOTHING! with sugar! toooo much work and sorrow for me lol, but shes looking pretty slim. Anywhooo i will be keeping you up to date and having my walk right after my burrito dinner.                          



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