Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is tomorrow? are you ready? I got my lil lady's costume two weeks ago but it wasn't easy! There was many to choose from. Some were tooo thin, so didnt have her size and others were the ones you just knew you would find 15 to 20 other kids wearing the same thing, and that wouldn't work. So I came up with a fun and hip costume for her to wear and I only spent $30!!! I'm sure not too many babies her age will be who she'll be and no one will have the outfit! I'm happy about that. It was hard trying to pick from all the great ideas like:
The Cat in The Hat

Scary Monster

The Classic Vampire                                        

 We were schedule to take pictures yesterday but there was a big snow storm that shut everything down even the electricity, so we were forced to cancel(the employees at JCpenny's wasn't too happy about the cancellation at all..weird :/ ) But safety first lol. I ended up going to the store today and picking up a bunch of decorations to hang up for Nevaeh to have her photo shoot, so that should be fun, I will be starting to set up early tomorrow. Its gonna be some work! I would do it tonight but I have a splitting headache, So after this post and a few homework assignments I'm calling it a night.

                            Anywhoo tomorrow I will be posting the pics of her photo shoot and what took place for that day. I have a few ideas from making scary cupcakes, games and more. So this Halloween should be a blast! I will try my best to share the candy and cupcakes tho, Mommy doesn't need any of that. Follow us on TWITTER @pacisNlipgloss I posted a bunch of fun Halloween ideas and other fun facts that maybe useful to you. Have a happy and safe night!!  


Friday, October 21, 2011



Sunday, October 2, 2011


Around this time last year, I was looking for an at home working position, so I can earn a living and take care of my baby at home, instead of working to pay for someone else to take care of my baby. It's been a long time coming researching for the perfect work from home situation that I am currently doing until this day. They have some programs that sound good online and some sound too good to be true. I cannot stand the programs where you have to pay a bunch of fees to be set up to begin the work. I never understood why they couldn't just make arrangements to receive their payments from your first check, I came to my own conclusion it's that way, because there is no first check. lol but I guess you will never know until you try. I would just love a huge income that continues increasing even as I sleep. ::dream come true::        

 I've been on and a bunch of other sites looking into posts hoping to find something that would benefit me. My dream to earn an income and keep an eye on my baby at the same time will come true. I wish some companies would let parents bring their baby/child to work if they can manage work and baby, its not easy for everyone, but I know its something I would love to do. Currently I'm working on my jewelry line called " NEVAEH Gems & Stones" The line has the most elegant and fun pieces anyone who lives for fashion will love NEVAEH!! Check it out when you get a chance!

During this pass week I was sent some info on a Work From Home project, its perfect for someone with a family. Mommies and Daddies can do it! check out there is info giving you all the details, very easy to get started, NO MONEY DOWN. I will be taking part in it myself and get the fathers in my area involved. So check that out too when you get a chance!