Wednesday, December 14, 2011


   My older cousin that lives in North Carolina just brought herself a new car! Her father, which is my Uncle Melti woke me up this morning with the news. Of course my intial feelings were that I was happy for my cousin, but I just didn't understand why this conversation couldn't take place, you know, after I ate breakfast lol.

    Beside the fact that my uncle is good for convos about just anything, I didn't get the real good news until maybe 290 mins later. He was expressing his feelings on the gas prices, Christmas is right around the corner, how big Nevaeh is getting and how I also would be getting some wheels of my own!! The only catch was getting the car from NC to NY and no one was up for the ride. Thank God, I remembered my friend Ishmel telling me about this service for car shipping. I cannot wait to get the process going and get out on the road in my new new car. I can't believe it's only a click away!

         Isn't she a beauty! I always wanted a Jaguar! I can see Nevaeh and I now, on the open road!!


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