Thursday, January 26, 2012


Organic: If you're a parent or you're expecting, this word likely passes your lips regularly. It describes produce that is grown without potentially harmful pesticides. Sure, many experts insist such chemicals are safe. But with a baby in the house or on the way, you're probably more vigilant about what goes into your body and your child's, and with good reason

Organic milk can cost about 50 percent more than conventional milk costs.  Conventional milk contains antibiotics and artificial hormones, as well as pesticides. Experts worry that all these hormones could kick-start early pubery, considering how much milk kids drink on a daily basis. Organic milk contains significantly higher levels of heart-healthy fatty acids and antioxidants.

The EWG also found that 81 percent of potatoes still contained pesticides after being washed and peeled. Kids take in plenty of spuds as french fries -- another reason to limit their consumption. Adults, too, love the taters: According to one survey, they account for 30 percent of all veggies eaten by adults.
If PB&J sandwiches are a lunchtime favorite with your kids, it may be time to try an organic spread. "The pesticides used on peanuts are found to be especially toxic.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is Nevaeh's first birthday and our first sweepstakes!!! We are so excited!! BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION SWEEPSTAKES PRODUCTS FROM ENFAMIL, BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP, , & MORE!!!!

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Monday, January 9, 2012


Try to pick out you and your baby or babies clothes for the week. Don't wait to the day of to look for the perfect outfit! You have enough hard work and pressure to deal with for the day.
Buy gifts when you see them! Have you ever noticed that the parties and celebrations never stop? Sometimes you will have a birthday party, a baby shower, and a christening to go to all in one week. Instead of going out each time stock up on one size fits all types of gifts on sale to have handy.
 You have TV shows that you must see? Theres no reason you should sit through the commercials, while they are on, try to get small task out of the way, like sorting mail, restocking your diaper bin, clipping the baby's nails, etc. Or if your lucky enough to have your shows recorded you can save time by fasting forward through commercials for more time after your show, there's like 15mins of commericals the least!   
 STOP competeing with Martha! For those PTA meeting or celebrations at school or parties, your cookies do not have to be made from scratch. The frozen ones you can just pop in the oven, are just fine and tasty. My favorite thing to do, is layer my cooking pans with foil so thats less I have to scrub and less damage on my nails lol.
Stay organized, never touch a piece of mail twice. Once you get it, review it decided if its garbage or not, tear the parts with your information on it that you dont need off  and the mail you do need place them in order in a file, same with your emails if you dont need it delete it when you seen it. Its soo much better that way.
Dont get caught up trying to please everyone and becoming a short order cook. Plan out what will be fast and easy for you to cook for the week, and thats what it will be. When packing lunch making one BPJ sandwich and one turkey and one ham, will not leave you with all the time in the world. Becoming a short order cook will only have you extra sleepy, stressed and fat, because you will end up eatting late. No bueno!  
 Take all the help you can get. If its a babysitter, Grandma, your sister, your brother, or even the oldest child, take all the help you can  get. No one should sit with idle hands, have some one sweep and straighten up for you before you get home from work, if you have someone who knows their way around the kitchen ask them to clean and season dinner for you. LIKE I SAID, TAKE ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET!
 Join the car pool, I know its hard to trust your child with just and driver, however it is important to get to know who you can trust with your child's life. If you do end up with all the driving, you will end up living in your car and trying to figure out how much time you have left to cook, clean, do homework, take care of your kids, socialize or have time for yourself.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


  PLEASE,  don't feel guilty for keeping your baby germ free and healthy! Simply say, "did you wash your hands?" "Oh, here's a wipe, "I have some hand sanitizer, want some?" Everyone loves to sanitize their hands, everytime you see or walk by some, your just eager to just run there real quick and get that cool gel just wiping away all of your sins lol. Or is that just me? I love them, I always keep some in my bag along with the pacifier and lip gloss lol.

Seriously, dont be afraid to offend anyone by making sure they washed their hands. Babies need to be protected from germs and bacteria, and since they can't talk we must speak up for them. "Please go wash your hands" Most people respond "my hands are clean" try not to burn them with the fire in your eyes, just simply say please and thank you. Some people are just so excited when they see your cutie pie, that they just completely forget how possible it is for someone to have dirty hands. Some people think they are always clean and can't attract germs or spread them! Or maybe those silly people are so dumb and dirty that, they can't tell that they are, dirty and dumb. Scratching your eyes, your head, rubbing your nose, touching a door knob, picking your teeth, everything can have germs landing on your hands. Which is why people shouldn't hold and touch on a baby's hands, babies always put their hands in their mouths, so its important to stress that. I know it can get annoying to keep repeating the same thing over, but you will love yourself later. There are so many germs your baby has to fight off while building an immune system so baby needs all the help baby can get. Try keeping some of these things with you:

Maybe not as strong as Purell but you will always have it with you, it's waaaaay better than nothing.

I just love the ones you can hang on your keychain from Bed Bath & Bodyworks, so cute!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Once one tooth sprouts out, the rest will follow. My big girl is now working on her 5th tooth! And I'm so amazed By it. She still hasn't gotten have fever thanx Go however, it does bother the heck out of her, she gets into her fits and wants to bite anything insight. She is a real champ tho, she has a way of telling me when she needs her Orajel. Shell start fussing and putting her hand in her mouth and start pulling on the few teeth she already has lol, its soo funny but not funny at the same time. Sometimes she'll not feel all that well and want me to stay with her and not to leave her side at all, thats when I give her, her Orajel and pull her teething ring from out the freezer, it soothes her and she is sooo happy.   

I really like the baby orajel teething swabs becuase it easy and the Orajel exits right through the Q-tip, once you break te top qtip with the pink stripes the pink orajel will flow straight to the end of the Qtip. The ones that come in the tube you can use and Qtip as well or your finger, so the swabs are much cooler because its less germs and Qtips are already included.

My mother thought it would be funny to get Nevaeh's first Dora the Explorer item, she got her a toothbrush, and she loves it and will not let me take it from her so I guess that's what she will be using. Speaking of Dora, I got my girl the "Your Baby Can Speak Spanish" DVD set with the flash cards. We will be speaking Spanish in no time at all.  My little girl is growing up so fast, she has teeth, an attitude, she knows what she wants, what she doesn't want, it's jjust amazing and it takes my breath away everyday.


Sunday, January 1, 2012