Saturday, January 7, 2012


  PLEASE,  don't feel guilty for keeping your baby germ free and healthy! Simply say, "did you wash your hands?" "Oh, here's a wipe, "I have some hand sanitizer, want some?" Everyone loves to sanitize their hands, everytime you see or walk by some, your just eager to just run there real quick and get that cool gel just wiping away all of your sins lol. Or is that just me? I love them, I always keep some in my bag along with the pacifier and lip gloss lol.

Seriously, dont be afraid to offend anyone by making sure they washed their hands. Babies need to be protected from germs and bacteria, and since they can't talk we must speak up for them. "Please go wash your hands" Most people respond "my hands are clean" try not to burn them with the fire in your eyes, just simply say please and thank you. Some people are just so excited when they see your cutie pie, that they just completely forget how possible it is for someone to have dirty hands. Some people think they are always clean and can't attract germs or spread them! Or maybe those silly people are so dumb and dirty that, they can't tell that they are, dirty and dumb. Scratching your eyes, your head, rubbing your nose, touching a door knob, picking your teeth, everything can have germs landing on your hands. Which is why people shouldn't hold and touch on a baby's hands, babies always put their hands in their mouths, so its important to stress that. I know it can get annoying to keep repeating the same thing over, but you will love yourself later. There are so many germs your baby has to fight off while building an immune system so baby needs all the help baby can get. Try keeping some of these things with you:

Maybe not as strong as Purell but you will always have it with you, it's waaaaay better than nothing.

I just love the ones you can hang on your keychain from Bed Bath & Bodyworks, so cute!



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