Wednesday, March 21, 2012


YAY!! For Spring!!! its finally here! Eventho we had samples of it here and there, its officially here. So I say we should ALL be outdoors more and being active. Nevaeh is getting more comfortable with walking by herself, but I can tell she is affraid to fall, so she looks for assistance from time to time. I'm no help, I spoil her I always have her in my arms and I will keep doing it for as long as I can! Anywho, we took advantage of the nice weather and we been outside taking walks and laughing at every and anything lol. Thats my girl!

We been having a ball, my birthday recently passed and we took a mini road trip to the MD VA area. I had a good time, I got to see people I care about that I haven't seen in a while and I met new people. It was a good time, I especially loved the fact Nevaeh got to play with her cousins and she just had a great time. I didn't take pictures idk what I was thinking, but that was the downfall of the trip, no pics. BUT! there will be more trips and more pics to come I PROMISE!! especially since, I've been taking this weight loss so much more serious! I'm feeling better, on my way to looking better. We have plans to go to California this year, and maybe even somewhere you need a passport so, we will def be taking pictures.

Below are pictures from my birthday before we hit the road. I got my make up done it was HOT! I loved it, it was my first real try at wearing it, I think I'm hooked, but I'm not sure, its a lot of work, time and MONEY! Because I cannot do it myself.....yet! lol The girl who did it, did a great job and she was real nice. And it was cool too cus all I had to do was buy $50 worth of make-up at MAC, real hot.

 Then later on in the evening we went to Legal Seafood, it was sooooooo goood, OMG I had Crab Cake that was just the best, huge pieces of crab meat, scallops and some shrimp very good! I have to go back.

I'm so glad Spring is here!! More working out, more seafood lol , more sandals, more mani and pedis more road trips, more just having fun and enjoying my baby love and the weather. ::Kisses::