Tuesday, May 22, 2012


To all my single mothers out there! Single mothers can be married women too. If your doing 90% of raising the kids guess what your a single mother. Sorry to burst your bubble but! Anywho we woman must love and take care of ourselves first! If you don't you will be unhappy and raise your children to be unhappy adults as well, and I know none of us want that.
So get to know and love yourself know your weakness and your strength. Acknowledge when you need help and ask for it, know when you need a break or time to yourself and take it! If you don't you may end up taking out all your frustrations on your beautiful blessings from Jesus 🙏 your babies!! (for those that it went over your head).
Most of us mothers are short order cooks, tutors, maids, business women, bakers, and if you have a man in your like bedroom entertainers and all these hats you wear maybe worn all in one day. So please believe you deserve some praise and if the people around you are too busy to give you around of applause don't wait for them to, pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work.

Give yourself a facial , if you can't afford to always go to the spa, disk your feet give yourself a pedi or just take a nice long bath, leave your kids with someone with sense so you can relax and not worry about them. WHATEVER YOU DO JUST DO YOU!!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Be a living example!
The person you are will have an effect on your children. If your the type of parent to eat healthy and take runs around the block daily, usually your child or children will take that into their own lives.
If you read lots of books, say your prayers before you eat and before bed, go to the museum, take piano lessons and practice yoga these actives in your life become routine in your child's life and they are more than likely to repeat your activity and/or have their own activities. The main thing is to remain proactive and your children will be too.
Just like if you had bad habits that alter your lifestyle and the people around you or dead weight that would only just hold you back. Exposing your children to these things more than liking they will attract or be attracted to these same things in life. If you want the best for your kids you must want the best for yourself.
Be an example and set the bar high for yourself and your children should follow after.
I recently have been going to the gym with my friend Pinky, lol she hates that name lol anywho we plan on going twice a week and I'm excited to drop this weight and start picking up my size 10 pants again! I want Nevaeh to stay in shape and healthy so I have to start with me.
I also recent just got rid of some dead weight and It was long overdue. I feel things should be picking up from now on in my life as a whole. Everything feels like I'm finally on the right track. Once I'm doing what I got to do to have my business in order the sooner it will all become a routine for Nevaeh and I.
Alrighty then see you guys later !
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Sunday, May 13, 2012


My day was great. I did everything I wanted. Organized my everything, I'm kinda still in the process of it but it was a big job and I'm almost done. Redecorating my room and I made exactly what I wanted to eat.
I got all these cool organizers and plastic totes and I'm storing all my winter stuff away today and winter shoes. I'm organizing my jewelry supplies and tools, washing and folding clothes. It's sad I get happy when things are clean and organized, my mind feels like its getting organized as well. I am so busy and when everything is everywhere so is my mind 😖 But I'm ending all that today.
Due to the new found space in my room I'm setting up some of the decorative wall mirror stickers and pictures just having a ball with it all. I love decorating a room.
For lunch I made, Crab Legs seasoned the with butter red wine and black pepper sea salt on the side with Tune Salad made with shrimp,and crab and lobster meat. It was so good I passed out for about two hours.
When I woke up I took the shower of my life with all these great products I got from Bed Bath & Beyond and Mary Kay. Face scrub, body scrubs, coco butter oil, I do this routine everyday, it's work but it feels so good once your all done. After my 2 hour shower, I hopped in the car and went to Legal Seafood it was delicious. I had crab cakes, shrimp and salmon.
Now with my skin dancing and belly full there is nothing but smiles on my face. I loved the day with my lady love bugs Nevaeh she's the best. I'm so proud to be her mom she gets smarter and more mature everyday. She loves me so much it's the best. #happymothersday to you all I hoped you enjoyed the day as much as I did.😘
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Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's easy as pie!!

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I'm up watching "The Big C" it's a tv series on Showtime about a woman living with cancer. It's a pretty good show and the husband on the series has a blog, I bet if I check there's really a blog for him lol. Anywho I always think about my blog and when am I gonna get back to my readers, seeing this character so happy about his blog inspires me to blog, and take action. I am falling asleep as I write but I must post.

I just got home from one of my jewelry parties it turned out pretty good. I did it at A friend of mines house, she had it spotless it was beautiful. We started out with Mary Kay products(shop with me http://www.marykay.com/jaysade) and ended the night with my jewelry. I'm happy with the turn out the woman that attended the event were very fun and great people I was happy to meet them and hope to hang out again in the future. There's nothing better than a girls night out. Heres a pic of my flyer

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