Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'm up watching "The Big C" it's a tv series on Showtime about a woman living with cancer. It's a pretty good show and the husband on the series has a blog, I bet if I check there's really a blog for him lol. Anywho I always think about my blog and when am I gonna get back to my readers, seeing this character so happy about his blog inspires me to blog, and take action. I am falling asleep as I write but I must post.

I just got home from one of my jewelry parties it turned out pretty good. I did it at A friend of mines house, she had it spotless it was beautiful. We started out with Mary Kay products(shop with me and ended the night with my jewelry. I'm happy with the turn out the woman that attended the event were very fun and great people I was happy to meet them and hope to hang out again in the future. There's nothing better than a girls night out. Heres a pic of my flyer

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