Thursday, May 17, 2012


Be a living example!
The person you are will have an effect on your children. If your the type of parent to eat healthy and take runs around the block daily, usually your child or children will take that into their own lives.
If you read lots of books, say your prayers before you eat and before bed, go to the museum, take piano lessons and practice yoga these actives in your life become routine in your child's life and they are more than likely to repeat your activity and/or have their own activities. The main thing is to remain proactive and your children will be too.
Just like if you had bad habits that alter your lifestyle and the people around you or dead weight that would only just hold you back. Exposing your children to these things more than liking they will attract or be attracted to these same things in life. If you want the best for your kids you must want the best for yourself.
Be an example and set the bar high for yourself and your children should follow after.
I recently have been going to the gym with my friend Pinky, lol she hates that name lol anywho we plan on going twice a week and I'm excited to drop this weight and start picking up my size 10 pants again! I want Nevaeh to stay in shape and healthy so I have to start with me.
I also recent just got rid of some dead weight and It was long overdue. I feel things should be picking up from now on in my life as a whole. Everything feels like I'm finally on the right track. Once I'm doing what I got to do to have my business in order the sooner it will all become a routine for Nevaeh and I.
Alrighty then see you guys later !
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