Saturday, November 3, 2012


Yes! It’s been a while and I’m sorry! I need more comments and followers for inspiration to write everyday…..and some extra time on my hands too, so I can have time to update my blog too wouldn’t hurt lol.

ANYWHOO! Yes! Nevaeh is reading now! I’m sooo proud of her, she loves her alphabet and numbers too! One day I was on insta gram and you know the people who post literature instead of pics yea them… As I was looking through some she read a post that said “hi!” In bold letters and she said with such excitement “hi” as she pointed at the pic! I’m was trilled so you know the ” Baby Can Read” &”Your Baby Can Speak Spanish” are coming in handy! Not to mention the apps on my phone, OPPS I MEAN “OUR PHONE” she stays on ” Baby Balloon School” and the sign language apps are the best. She absorbing it all! I’m loving every minute of it and every second of the praises she gets from others saying how smart she is! I am blessed with a smart fast moving baby! I’m grateful about that. So now I’m looking for more learning tools. You’d be surprised to know that even the dollar store has great learning tools for the kids blocks, foam letters and numbers etc. Nevaeh is only one now so I’m hoping by two shell be directing her own movies n playing the piano lol. Did I mention she already plays the piano every chance she gets! Saving up for those lessons now! ☺ #proudmommypost

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