Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This Christmas has been a great one spending it with family and friends is whats important. despite my crazy work hours I found time to bring Christmas to my baby with the help of my sisters. We have been sharing memories and cooking great meals together.Taking on creative projects, making music and working with fashion. The closing of this year is allowing me to settling into the success and amazing projects to come in the upcoming year.

Christmas time is always the time of the year where I get everything in order and get ready for the new year with new ideas and goals. I mean thats my everyday routine however Christmas time its extra special. So much adventures to come this new year 2014. I'm ready for change and glory.

Right now I'm finishing up dinner and getting ready to take my little girl to see her grandpa and great aunt. I got everything I wanted this Christmas and this year! MERRY CHIRSTMAS TO YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS!!!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This time of year always excites me. The change in weather, the new winter styles, the spending of money and the earning of it. I especially love the holiday cheer. It's the best time of the year.

This year for thanksgiving I plan on having everyone make a dish and trim the tree after dinner. What a way to get into the holiday spirit and burn off calories right?! I plan on finishing my shopping by the end of the month. Once I get all my Christmas shopping done I can focus on my baby's birthday bash!!! She's be three this new year.

As the year comes to a close and everyone is getting ready to celebrate the new year, I will be be preparing to throw the best party since last year lol.

Last year thanksgiving was great I visited a few people I have a feeling it will be pretty busy this year since I have many houses to stop at. Her Christmas was very nice as well! Her birthday party tho was awesome we did Yo Gabba Gabba! This year we will be bringing Strawberry Shortcake to an indoor playground called Billy Bees. I'm SOOO excited and I'm getting a great deal on the party as well!! Best of all I don't have to clean up after!!! Yay!

What are your plans for the remainder of the year? And who will you be spending it with?

Be happy & Know your blessed.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I love going out and enjoying my day with Nevaeh, she's the best hang out buddy when she wants to be. We both love hitting the road and being free. What makes it extra sweet is saving money! As a single mom depending on my own income I am drunk with joy when saving a few dollars. Groupon helps me do both! Have fun and save money. Just Checking out their deals is an adventure. You always find something you need or even better, something new to do.

I just picked up a few extra bucks so I checked out a few deals.

NEVAEH is gonna love love love when we hit the Bounce! And so am I! Lol.

This deal is a good one too, looks like great fun for the kiddies.

They even have swimming lessons!

And what mom doesn't deserve a spa day! Click the links on the sidebars to explore Groupon deals near you. πŸ’‹

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


How was your Labor Day weekend? I rarely make plays for Labor Day it's one of the holidays that gets pass me. This year I just got out and did everything I wanted to do.

I always wanted to regularly ride on a yacht with my closet friends and family just having a good time. Friday night that dream came true for the first time. I went out with my sisters and cousins and enjoyed music and drinks and more. A night I will always remember. I have to somehow find a way to make yacht riding a regular thing for me lol. We rode the Hudson and took notice of how beautiful New York City is at night. 

One of my clearest shots lol. Isn't she lovely? 

That's all of us that night. Me, Chesler friend of the fam ,Yanni my sister and Tosh my best cousin. We had a ball. 

Saturday was a quiet day. Real peaceful and laid back for me and Nevaeh we just played and worked on fun projects and watched TV. 

Sunday we were back to business. We booked a photo shoot for the jewelry line and had a great time taking pictures. I have a feeling the photos came out great!  
Stay tuned for the new slideshow from our photo shoot save our jewelry line website to your favorites

Here are some photos of the shoot. 

Leave a comment letting me know how you spent you Labor Day weekend. I would love to hear from you. ✌


Sunday, September 1, 2013


The best gadget today is the handy cellphone. We carry it every day. Some of us can’t live without it. There is nothing better than having a trust phone around. There are many uses of this gadget. The most obvious is for communications. Nowadays phones are advance. It doesn’t only make us call but it can do other things like sending text messages, reading emails among others. Aside from communication, it can entertain us. We can download songs and play games. You can also find phones with navigating power. The most important benefit of phones is helping us to save money.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Thank God for today. It's a beautiful day. As I lay in bed with my little lady love bugs watching the Fresh Beat Band on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. I start wondering off in my mind about what's really important in life. 

My baby loves me and only cares for my time and attention. As I run around like a headless chicken chasing my success and dreams , busy hustling for the finner things for my baby and I, sometimes I can slack on the attention she needs or I need. She's still sees life for what's important love, being happy, and enjoying herself. 

I need to remember these things when I'm spending hours away from home making way less than what I'm giving up and that's quality time with my baby. So I'm becoming more organized with time and spend the most I can with her and remembering to live in the moment. 

I was rushing and rushing my baby out the door. She's snatched her hand from mine and walked over to a flower "I love flowers" stopped and smelled the flower. 

"Stop and smell the roses" 

I work hard to get my baby nice things but all she really wants is my love and to be loved.

This is my baby teaching mommy a thing or too. Stop rushing stop thinking so much,live in the now and stop to smell a flower or two lol.


Where do you find the time? Or better yet, a guy that's worth the time. I figure if I leave my baby for "dating" purposes it would have to be damn good reason. Someone I see or can see a future with, or someone fun and entertaining. Whatever I choose has to be an intelligent gentlemen or its just a waste of time. Instead of me entertaining a waste of time I could be home folding clothes or tickling my baby. There no room for dead weight over here. 

Ladies, if you are a single mother your best bet is to love you and your baby so much you forget your single. Then maybe the right guy will live your love for yourself a s baby that he will want to love you guys too. Whatever you do, just don't date to date. Give your dating meaning. Either to meet new great inspiring people or to learn new things about yourself. Don't be so drunk with loneliness that you settle for the first thing waving hello. 

Married women. I can't speak from experience but I can speak from common sense. It's important to keep yourself sexy and seductive to your mate. Don't use your work load and home life as an excuse to slack off on your grooming, cut your workload short before cutting yourself short. Have your husband help with the workload and if need be remind him keeping the relationship interesting isn't only in your job description but in his as well. 

Keep yourself soothed and groomed πŸ’‹ 

Saturday, July 27, 2013


They say the lowest form of  conversation begins with "remember when" I have to disagree, Most times I have the biggest fun reminiscing. Talking about the past doesn't mean you must dwell or live in it. Today while out shopping with my lady love bugs, I noticed that a few things changed. Nevaeh is now making more decisions and wanting to shop herself. Not only is she grabbing things, she's throwing them into the shopping chart. Like mommy like baby. For weeks now shes been asking me for a skateboard. "Mommy, I want skateboard" "Mommy can I ride skateboard" Thank you Yo Gabba Gabba lol. (I love that show) Ever since she seen Muno on a skateboard that's all she talks about. She will take things that are flat and skateboard like and hop on it she didn't care what it was she hop on and try to kick, push.

Today while we were out shopping, she found a new love. she was instantly hooked right in. A pretty red light weight kick scooter it was a beauty,. It was a three in one scooter for toddlers. that grows with them from age 1-5. I love things like that, its my weakness. The idea that I can buy an item for her one time and use it for years, just over joys me, I'm actually drunk with joy at this point lol. The kick scooters was so cute I had to look into one for me!!

Life is full of action and adventure if your up to it. I'm one for work hard play harder. So I love to plan out shopping sprees so me and my girl can get exactly what we want and need. Today I was reminiscing on the past where Nevaeh was too young to make decisions completely (she's two years young) and shopping was my own guilty pleasure and now that I must share these shopping events with her, I must plan and earn more money hunny lol. Change is good and I enjoy shopping with my lady love bugs, and I love finding items that will last me years to come. I must say this kick scooter was a good buy.



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Friday, June 7, 2013


Do you think throwing a party for your baby is a waste of time and money? Do you think having a Costco cake and a gallon of milk will satisfy the heart of you and your child? Will throwing a huge party with decorations and characters as entertainment spoil your child?
I have no factual answer for that. But as for me and my house we will party out loud! I love throwing parties and hosting events. I love live music and I like to be surrounded by art and creating a moment is up lifting.....For me.
Does it make the baby a better person because they have a huge party every year? Will they be more popular in school? Will having great party bags make you completely broke? Will your child be Unsatisfied for dances at school, or even prom night ?
Who knows! That all depends on the parent and their child. As for me. I'm a party planner, I'm crafty and creative. I love to show my daughter new things and I love to spoil her. Her first two parties were pretty cute great party favors and decorations. Food was good and the music too. Rather than enjoy it, I had a few people come up to me to tell me how much money I could have saved. That she will never remember this day, that the party is for me. If these people are right or not. I did what I wanted with little or no cost to them. My baby's birthday is my official Mother's Day and I will spend it how I please. For her third birthday I think I will cut the invites down mighty small and do something way big and fun. Like a party bus to a bounce house or something. Min 25 people. Maybe even 10 people and I just won't invite those who think its a waste. I will invite those who know your kids turn this age once and this moment comes once a year and those who enjoy parties and cake and give great gifts will come and have a blast with Us! And our fancy party bags! Lol.
There's nothing wrong with a Chuck E Cheese party and there's definitely nothing wrong with a Custom Made Party Bash.
Come party with us NEVAEHGEMSANDSTONES.COM click tab " Lil Gems and then Party tap for Party Packages. Soon Character Mascots packages to come!

I'm even thinking about having a Halloween party! That will really get some panties in a bunch. LOL

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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today makes Dr. Maya Angelou 85 years wiser! I love this woman, reading her books and poems send me! In her books she allows us to see her and she lets it all out and to see how she has grown and learned and shared inspires me. I hope for her the best birthday ever and many many more! I would love to be able to celebrate with her today or any day.

Two days ago I found out on twitter she would be at Barnes and Nobles in Union Square NY NY for a book signing of her new book Mom & Me & Mom. The signing began at 7pm I found out at 2:30 that day, on a day I decided would be spent in the house in Pjs and stocking caps lol. Once I got this news I immediately started to get my daughter and I ready. I felt it would be a beautiful thing for my daughter to meet a huge addition of our history! Not only black, or American history but Human Race History. We are all one and connected. A gift I would of been proud to say I gave my baby. She will be reading about Dr. Maya Angelou for years to come! I was traveling from upstate New York so it took me sometime. Once I got to the city I had to ride the train to Union Square and any New York City traveler will tell you a huge stroller traveling alone taking subways was a huge workout. Thank God for the pleasant strangers who helped me with the stairs lol I would have been extra soar without them!

We arrived at the Barnes and Nobles a little before 7pm and it was packed! I was still excited and believed I would see her and I was in no rush to leave until she left lol. The employees were looking and letting me know that there was no chance this would happen for me as soon as I came in. Once I purchased my book and got to the end of the line I was at ease and I met the most wonderful people and had the best conversations I've had in the longest of times. My sister met us there she was very excited to see her too and was disappointed I didn't let her know earlier but I assured her I told her about it as soon as I found out. The people we were with enjoyed our company as we definitely enjoyed theirs. My only regret is I didn't get contact information from them all.

Maya Angelou was on the fourth floor which was shut down due to all the people up there, we were told it was over 400 people already up there. We were on the 3rd floor waiting to go up. The people on line were from so may different walks of life and backgrounds it was beautiful that we all gathered together in her name and some were from China, Russia, Ireland, Africa, Middle East I even seen a Monk! Lawyers, Doctors, Writers,Mothers and fathers it was amazing we all stood in line waiting to share a moment from one of the best author/artist to ever live. I was and still am blown away.

Nevaeh finally asked to get out of her stroller and once I let her out she took off! I assumed she would play with the little boy we were in line with but she ran off and sat on the floor next to a nice young lady maybe a little younger than me, with brown hair and light eyes and tanned skin, she would not leave her side and shortly after a few minutes more people came around to play and praise her for being soo smart and  pretty. Black people, Asian and White just laughed and enjoyed Nevaeh as we hoped and waited to see Maya Angelou.

As Nevaeh entertained I continued to listen and speak about how inspired and how great Maya's stories were. How naked she allowed herself to be with us all. I met a woman who also is becoming an author. I am already ready to read her book, and her speaking voice was wonderful too soft and kind. I could listen to her speak for hours. She was so refined and still in my wild  and excited personality we were able to relate, and I felt as if I knew her and everyone I interacted with that great day.The stories we shared will stay with me.

As hours went by the love and inspiration kept flowing. Hugs and kisses goodbye smiles, laughing and tears it was soo much love in that bookstore that day! Many people left after the employees kept coming around telling us our lady is not feeling well, she doesn't look so good, she wont get to all of you. Leave the store is closing in 5 mins. Some negative Maya lovers were there too increasing the nay saying. My sister and myself and a few good others paid these fools no mind and kept standing! My sister even started a chant of her name and we all chanted MAYA MAYA! MAYA! MAYA! MAYA! until the police came lol it was a great day. Maya heard us chanting I wonder what she was thinking lol. My sister and I were like rally leaders encouraging everyone to stay and we all will see Maya it was glorious! I also met a fly cool girl she was so funny and thought I was too, we were plotting on running up the escalator that was going down, I even tried to stop it, it didn't stop lol if it did we would have run up lol. I gave her my business card I hope she calls. And thanx to my sister for being there I was able to run downstairs and catch Maya coming out of the elevator into her car! I didn't get to official meet her yet! But I was able to say "Maya I love you,Thank you for staying as long as you could" I got to see her and hear her speak and that was great! I made her some jewelry and it got in the car with her however her security made her boyfriend give it back to me and told me to mail it to her. The crazy world we live in I understood why, it was wrapped up so you can never be too careful. As I watched her get in the car, I felt that was enough for me at least I got to see her and hear her, it all went so fast. I loved that day and hope to one day to meet her and see her again. The day was great and made by the Lord and I appreciated it deeply! MAYA ANGELOU THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Plans for the summer? I have many plans I'm hoping will fall into place. Getaways are what fill my mind! The Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Hawaii and wherever the road takes me lol I would love to be able just to pick up and go. With Groupon deals it seems more possible to stay active this summer. From indoor water park discounts to theme park deals, Groupon looks like the spot to do business.

This summer most of the family is attending or trying to attend my sister's wedding in Mexico I would be overjoyed to go. Most....well lol ALL my money right now is tied into my investments but I'm hoping for the opportunity to make my way there. It will be a great experience to join my family in Mexico and witness this beautiful act of love, and to rest in such awesome scenery.


Friday, March 22, 2013


If you didn't know, Mommy deserves a night off sometimes! My girls and I spent the night out in NYC. The special occasion was "My Birthday" I had to do something I don't do everyday, but deserve to do everyday so I decided that was to sip on the finest champagne Dom Perignon chill with some of my best-est friends and go to a restaurant I never been, Time Scare! And to seal the deal I slept out so I didn't feel the need to clean. So I got a room at the Milford hotel in Time Square!
I had a complete blast and what helped me have a complete blast is that I stayed in my budget completely!! It was A GROUPON NIGHT! and thanx to my girls taking care of all my last minute impulses lol. My first big break was finding the best GROUPON for Time Scare restaurant it's an all year haunted Halloween theme and it was great. The Staff slacked on our orders but! Made up for it ALL with their AWESOME haunted house! It was amazing and scary my feet were pounding from running in my heel boots. Here are some pics.

When I seen this Groupon instantly I seen I would be saving a bunch! Dinner a d the haunted house with a glass of wine for $25 can you say AMAZING?? the price says $49 but that's for two people! Great deal huh? I have groupon deals located on this page because I love it some much make sure to check them out!!
Now I have more pics of my mommy's night out! I missed my baby SOOOO much but I also had sooo much fun! We went for Korean Karaoke it was fun we sang some Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brandy and Monica and some Backstreet boys! Great time did I mention we were full of Cherry wine and Champagne! LOVE IT I NEED MORE NIGHTS OUT LIKE THIS!!


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey there! what hobbies are you practicing to get you by day to day? As a single mother its kind of hard for me to get anything done let alone practice a hobby. But! I try anyway. After serving my lovely daughter and taking care of my grandmother, house chores and daily stressors I Just want to have at least five minutes to myself. Most days I spend hours trying to get time to myself or spend hours trying to take a twenty minute nap. A year of the same routine I figure something has to change as Nevaeh gets older I realize the less time I have to myself, maybe when she is three and older she will become more dependent and this is where I'm torn. I love spending time with my baby but I feel since I'm doing it mostly on my own with an occasional assistance (which seems like no assistance because she is allowed to make a mess and dishes are everywhere when I get back) there leaves no time for me to spend with other things I love like designing jewelry writing poems and stories and reading and listening to my favorite artist. Since I'm running around taking care of responsibilities most of the day and  unpaid ones like washing dishes and clothes cooking and cleaning then going out and earning a living, I have to squeeze in time to spend with my little one. Instead of  us playing "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" or getting the sillies out dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba I must not only take on her absent parent's responsibilities as well as my own but make time to reach out to her other side of the family to keep that bond going. I feel its too much work and not too beneficial for me. Unfortunately as a single mom in order to progress you must get over the guilt of becoming selfish. Do whats best for you and your baby. Whats immediately best! You must nurture yourself as well as your child.

Due to the cost of Daycare and babysitters its hard for me to go out and get what I need done. I feel as if I'm stuck in the twilight zone and doing the same things over and over. I work for myself I have a jewelry line you can check out my website and if business is slow or my time permits I substitute teach. I love this opportunity because I'm not obligated to an amount of hours to work and I work when I want, the challenge is working as much as I need.

I decided in order to take complete control over my life and situations I must because more organized and less selfless, I tend to care for others more than myself and as I look around it hasn't benefit me much. So instead of making everyone else happy I'm starting with me. Today I organized and cleaned my space, refolded the clothes in the draw washed clothes and created a schedule for me and my baby that I will not allow to be interrupted. I made time for me, my baby of coarse and my business including my hobbies! For the most part my hobbies are my businesses and if your truly blessed you can earn a living with your hobbies that is if you have any. I never understood people who didn't have at least one hobby but those who do I believe she benefit from them.

Having a hobby you enjoy is important! Doing things you love is important! Being the best mom or dad you can be is important! Taking care of all your responsibilities is important,  Feeling good about yourself and what you do is IMPORTANT! Hobbies or No hobbies having something productive to get you by day to day is a must! feeling good and happy is a Must! Taking care of your baby and taking care of yourself is a Must! A Pacifier to soothe the baby and Lip Gloss to soothe Mommy or whatever soothes you is your sooth.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hello thereπŸ‘‹ it's been a long time! We have some catching up to do! YESSS I'm so excited to post again, I have been really busy. Anywho as I told you before Nevaeh knows how to read and it's confirmed that she does! I'm so amazed by her everyday because there's always something new. She was looking at her birthday pictures and took her finger and pointed at each word then spoke them out loud without being asked. I'm telling you she's a genius and I think all babies are its just up to us parents to nurture and feed their brains with the best, the younger the better. I would always only allow her to watch DVD likes "Your Baby Can Read" and fun learning stuff like that before she even knew what Nick jr or Disney was. So the educational DVDs are her favorite......WELL I'm not sure cus she loves Yo Gabba Gabba but she will still light up even I put ABC songs or Phonic based movies. Yea, make sure you stock up on educational based entertainment for your little one! They love to learn!

Now lets get to Nevaeh's Birthday Party Bash! It was a ball! She had a blast! She sang and danced until she fell asleep. We went with the Yo Gabba Gabba theme and with help from my Fam with blinged the place out. It was Yo Gabba Gabba I ordered a cake from a lady I know in Queens. I got most of my decorations online. It was a great turn out. I'm super excited about planning her next one! I have done pictures to share.

I was so proud about home things turned out! I got real creative! I also made... (Clears throat) and designed her outfit for that very special time. I designed a long sleeve shirt with Foofa and my daughters name "NEVAEH" on the front of the shirt, on the back there was a matching number two with six flowers surrounding it.

And there are more pics to come! I'm still waiting on sins pictures to be sent to me because, I was too busy to take pics. I had a blast myself.

Nevaeh is two now and it's such a happy sad moment I feel like my baby is growing super fast! But I wouldn't trade her for nothing. She's the best thing ever.

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