Friday, March 22, 2013


If you didn't know, Mommy deserves a night off sometimes! My girls and I spent the night out in NYC. The special occasion was "My Birthday" I had to do something I don't do everyday, but deserve to do everyday so I decided that was to sip on the finest champagne Dom Perignon chill with some of my best-est friends and go to a restaurant I never been, Time Scare! And to seal the deal I slept out so I didn't feel the need to clean. So I got a room at the Milford hotel in Time Square!
I had a complete blast and what helped me have a complete blast is that I stayed in my budget completely!! It was A GROUPON NIGHT! and thanx to my girls taking care of all my last minute impulses lol. My first big break was finding the best GROUPON for Time Scare restaurant it's an all year haunted Halloween theme and it was great. The Staff slacked on our orders but! Made up for it ALL with their AWESOME haunted house! It was amazing and scary my feet were pounding from running in my heel boots. Here are some pics.

When I seen this Groupon instantly I seen I would be saving a bunch! Dinner a d the haunted house with a glass of wine for $25 can you say AMAZING?? the price says $49 but that's for two people! Great deal huh? I have groupon deals located on this page because I love it some much make sure to check them out!!
Now I have more pics of my mommy's night out! I missed my baby SOOOO much but I also had sooo much fun! We went for Korean Karaoke it was fun we sang some Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brandy and Monica and some Backstreet boys! Great time did I mention we were full of Cherry wine and Champagne! LOVE IT I NEED MORE NIGHTS OUT LIKE THIS!!


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