Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today makes Dr. Maya Angelou 85 years wiser! I love this woman, reading her books and poems send me! In her books she allows us to see her and she lets it all out and to see how she has grown and learned and shared inspires me. I hope for her the best birthday ever and many many more! I would love to be able to celebrate with her today or any day.

Two days ago I found out on twitter she would be at Barnes and Nobles in Union Square NY NY for a book signing of her new book Mom & Me & Mom. The signing began at 7pm I found out at 2:30 that day, on a day I decided would be spent in the house in Pjs and stocking caps lol. Once I got this news I immediately started to get my daughter and I ready. I felt it would be a beautiful thing for my daughter to meet a huge addition of our history! Not only black, or American history but Human Race History. We are all one and connected. A gift I would of been proud to say I gave my baby. She will be reading about Dr. Maya Angelou for years to come! I was traveling from upstate New York so it took me sometime. Once I got to the city I had to ride the train to Union Square and any New York City traveler will tell you a huge stroller traveling alone taking subways was a huge workout. Thank God for the pleasant strangers who helped me with the stairs lol I would have been extra soar without them!

We arrived at the Barnes and Nobles a little before 7pm and it was packed! I was still excited and believed I would see her and I was in no rush to leave until she left lol. The employees were looking and letting me know that there was no chance this would happen for me as soon as I came in. Once I purchased my book and got to the end of the line I was at ease and I met the most wonderful people and had the best conversations I've had in the longest of times. My sister met us there she was very excited to see her too and was disappointed I didn't let her know earlier but I assured her I told her about it as soon as I found out. The people we were with enjoyed our company as we definitely enjoyed theirs. My only regret is I didn't get contact information from them all.

Maya Angelou was on the fourth floor which was shut down due to all the people up there, we were told it was over 400 people already up there. We were on the 3rd floor waiting to go up. The people on line were from so may different walks of life and backgrounds it was beautiful that we all gathered together in her name and some were from China, Russia, Ireland, Africa, Middle East I even seen a Monk! Lawyers, Doctors, Writers,Mothers and fathers it was amazing we all stood in line waiting to share a moment from one of the best author/artist to ever live. I was and still am blown away.

Nevaeh finally asked to get out of her stroller and once I let her out she took off! I assumed she would play with the little boy we were in line with but she ran off and sat on the floor next to a nice young lady maybe a little younger than me, with brown hair and light eyes and tanned skin, she would not leave her side and shortly after a few minutes more people came around to play and praise her for being soo smart and  pretty. Black people, Asian and White just laughed and enjoyed Nevaeh as we hoped and waited to see Maya Angelou.

As Nevaeh entertained I continued to listen and speak about how inspired and how great Maya's stories were. How naked she allowed herself to be with us all. I met a woman who also is becoming an author. I am already ready to read her book, and her speaking voice was wonderful too soft and kind. I could listen to her speak for hours. She was so refined and still in my wild  and excited personality we were able to relate, and I felt as if I knew her and everyone I interacted with that great day.The stories we shared will stay with me.

As hours went by the love and inspiration kept flowing. Hugs and kisses goodbye smiles, laughing and tears it was soo much love in that bookstore that day! Many people left after the employees kept coming around telling us our lady is not feeling well, she doesn't look so good, she wont get to all of you. Leave the store is closing in 5 mins. Some negative Maya lovers were there too increasing the nay saying. My sister and myself and a few good others paid these fools no mind and kept standing! My sister even started a chant of her name and we all chanted MAYA MAYA! MAYA! MAYA! MAYA! until the police came lol it was a great day. Maya heard us chanting I wonder what she was thinking lol. My sister and I were like rally leaders encouraging everyone to stay and we all will see Maya it was glorious! I also met a fly cool girl she was so funny and thought I was too, we were plotting on running up the escalator that was going down, I even tried to stop it, it didn't stop lol if it did we would have run up lol. I gave her my business card I hope she calls. And thanx to my sister for being there I was able to run downstairs and catch Maya coming out of the elevator into her car! I didn't get to official meet her yet! But I was able to say "Maya I love you,Thank you for staying as long as you could" I got to see her and hear her speak and that was great! I made her some jewelry and it got in the car with her however her security made her boyfriend give it back to me and told me to mail it to her. The crazy world we live in I understood why, it was wrapped up so you can never be too careful. As I watched her get in the car, I felt that was enough for me at least I got to see her and hear her, it all went so fast. I loved that day and hope to one day to meet her and see her again. The day was great and made by the Lord and I appreciated it deeply! MAYA ANGELOU THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING!


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