Saturday, July 27, 2013


They say the lowest form of  conversation begins with "remember when" I have to disagree, Most times I have the biggest fun reminiscing. Talking about the past doesn't mean you must dwell or live in it. Today while out shopping with my lady love bugs, I noticed that a few things changed. Nevaeh is now making more decisions and wanting to shop herself. Not only is she grabbing things, she's throwing them into the shopping chart. Like mommy like baby. For weeks now shes been asking me for a skateboard. "Mommy, I want skateboard" "Mommy can I ride skateboard" Thank you Yo Gabba Gabba lol. (I love that show) Ever since she seen Muno on a skateboard that's all she talks about. She will take things that are flat and skateboard like and hop on it she didn't care what it was she hop on and try to kick, push.

Today while we were out shopping, she found a new love. she was instantly hooked right in. A pretty red light weight kick scooter it was a beauty,. It was a three in one scooter for toddlers. that grows with them from age 1-5. I love things like that, its my weakness. The idea that I can buy an item for her one time and use it for years, just over joys me, I'm actually drunk with joy at this point lol. The kick scooters was so cute I had to look into one for me!!

Life is full of action and adventure if your up to it. I'm one for work hard play harder. So I love to plan out shopping sprees so me and my girl can get exactly what we want and need. Today I was reminiscing on the past where Nevaeh was too young to make decisions completely (she's two years young) and shopping was my own guilty pleasure and now that I must share these shopping events with her, I must plan and earn more money hunny lol. Change is good and I enjoy shopping with my lady love bugs, and I love finding items that will last me years to come. I must say this kick scooter was a good buy.



Tosh Nicole said...

I love coming to your site, you always share the coolest stuff! This scooter is perfect for my neice. She's always wanted a scooter but I couldn't find the perfect ride. I visited the link you provided and I love all the color options Kickboard USA has to offer and that it teaches kids balance and coordination. I'll definitely be purchasing this scooter. Thanks for the introduction!

Unknown said...

I love reading your blogs. You have a way of connecting with your readers. Looking back at your past(reminiscing)isn't always a bad thing when you can remember the fun you had or the good things about the past which help to make you the person you are today. And who doesn't like to reminisce about the little one and how much they've grown and changed. I also loved the kick scooters I want to get one for my daughter when she is big enough

Unknown said...

You have provided really a good stuff to read. Sometimes we think of buying something for our loved ones. I thinking of buying something like this from months for my little angle but couldn't find right place to buy. I pink color is cool.
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