Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Where do you find the time? Or better yet, a guy that's worth the time. I figure if I leave my baby for "dating" purposes it would have to be damn good reason. Someone I see or can see a future with, or someone fun and entertaining. Whatever I choose has to be an intelligent gentlemen or its just a waste of time. Instead of me entertaining a waste of time I could be home folding clothes or tickling my baby. There no room for dead weight over here. 

Ladies, if you are a single mother your best bet is to love you and your baby so much you forget your single. Then maybe the right guy will live your love for yourself a s baby that he will want to love you guys too. Whatever you do, just don't date to date. Give your dating meaning. Either to meet new great inspiring people or to learn new things about yourself. Don't be so drunk with loneliness that you settle for the first thing waving hello. 

Married women. I can't speak from experience but I can speak from common sense. It's important to keep yourself sexy and seductive to your mate. Don't use your work load and home life as an excuse to slack off on your grooming, cut your workload short before cutting yourself short. Have your husband help with the workload and if need be remind him keeping the relationship interesting isn't only in your job description but in his as well. 

Keep yourself soothed and groomed 💋 


Unknown said...

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