Tuesday, September 3, 2013


How was your Labor Day weekend? I rarely make plays for Labor Day it's one of the holidays that gets pass me. This year I just got out and did everything I wanted to do.

I always wanted to regularly ride on a yacht with my closet friends and family just having a good time. Friday night that dream came true for the first time. I went out with my sisters and cousins and enjoyed music and drinks and more. A night I will always remember. I have to somehow find a way to make yacht riding a regular thing for me lol. We rode the Hudson and took notice of how beautiful New York City is at night. 

One of my clearest shots lol. Isn't she lovely? 

That's all of us that night. Me, Chesler friend of the fam ,Yanni my sister and Tosh my best cousin. We had a ball. 

Saturday was a quiet day. Real peaceful and laid back for me and Nevaeh we just played and worked on fun projects and watched TV. 

Sunday we were back to business. We booked a photo shoot for the jewelry line and had a great time taking pictures. I have a feeling the photos came out great!  
Stay tuned for the new slideshow from our photo shoot save our jewelry line website to your favorites www.nevaehgemsandstones.com

Here are some photos of the shoot. 

Leave a comment letting me know how you spent you Labor Day weekend. I would love to hear from you. ✌



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