Sunday, September 1, 2013


The best gadget today is the handy cellphone. We carry it every day. Some of us can’t live without it. There is nothing better than having a trust phone around. There are many uses of this gadget. The most obvious is for communications. Nowadays phones are advance. It doesn’t only make us call but it can do other things like sending text messages, reading emails among others. Aside from communication, it can entertain us. We can download songs and play games. You can also find phones with navigating power. The most important benefit of phones is helping us to save money.
As a mother, it is not about getting free minutes, sending free messages and connecting to the net for free. You can find mobile phone applications that you can download and install on your phone so you can get the best deals around. There are many types of app phones available. Aside from helping you to save money or organize your finances, it is best to explore some of them. They are worth it so that your hard earn money can go a long way.
·         You can download an app in your mobile phone that will serve as your guide when want to have savings. Every time you avail items, you can earn points that are redeemable. It is so much fun to receive gift cards. Shopkick is an app that can let you shop and avail discounts.
·         There is an app that will help you organized your bills. It is called Bill Assistant. You can get a notification when the due date of the bill is approaching. Some moms are busy and for this reason they want to be notified right away when they need to pay bills. It will prevent anyone from paying late fees.
·         Are you a heavy internet user? You can find an app that will help you save money with free internet.. There is an application called Cloud. This app helps you localte wi-fi in your area and connect you to free internet right away. There are hotspots everywhere. Imagine you can save a lot of money for just using free internet.
·         You can find an app will let you collect coupons from everywhere. It’s called Snip Snap. You can just snap the photo, scan and then save. You can show this at a select store and avail this promo. There are thousands of coupons that you can find. An example is boost mobile coupons are the best way to save on Boost Mobile phones. This is a way to save money on huge purchases.

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