Thursday, September 26, 2013


I love going out and enjoying my day with Nevaeh, she's the best hang out buddy when she wants to be. We both love hitting the road and being free. What makes it extra sweet is saving money! As a single mom depending on my own income I am drunk with joy when saving a few dollars. Groupon helps me do both! Have fun and save money. Just Checking out their deals is an adventure. You always find something you need or even better, something new to do.

I just picked up a few extra bucks so I checked out a few deals.

NEVAEH is gonna love love love when we hit the Bounce! And so am I! Lol.

This deal is a good one too, looks like great fun for the kiddies.

They even have swimming lessons!

And what mom doesn't deserve a spa day! Click the links on the sidebars to explore Groupon deals near you. 💋

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