Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This Christmas has been a great one spending it with family and friends is whats important. despite my crazy work hours I found time to bring Christmas to my baby with the help of my sisters. We have been sharing memories and cooking great meals together.Taking on creative projects, making music and working with fashion. The closing of this year is allowing me to settling into the success and amazing projects to come in the upcoming year.

Christmas time is always the time of the year where I get everything in order and get ready for the new year with new ideas and goals. I mean thats my everyday routine however Christmas time its extra special. So much adventures to come this new year 2014. I'm ready for change and glory.

Right now I'm finishing up dinner and getting ready to take my little girl to see her grandpa and great aunt. I got everything I wanted this Christmas and this year! MERRY CHIRSTMAS TO YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS!!!



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